Small company financing must avoid 3 big avoid certain food
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Long-term since, perplexing world economy like oil issue same, financing problem also makes “ of medium and small businesses headaches unceasingly ” . The venture capital investment that warms up gradually nowadays is absorption, one of ” of father of mammon of “ of medium and small businesses the attention level that business of venture capital investment governs to the company also is in elevatory, this makes medium and small businesses feels more “ headaches ” .

“ medium and small businesses often congenital inadequacy, than if droit and right of administration from inseparable at the beginning, because this has good company very hard,administer a structure. ”“ if this problem is couldn't get solve effectively, industry financing can be ideal only. ”

1. feels pulse medium and small businesses to administer “ dense disease”

Look in Chen Wei, a lot of medium and small businesses are grow from inside ” of market “ break rise, serious “ a priori is not worth ” . From the country investment borrows money to the bank, policy code often is tilt to big company, this kind of enterprise can be divided without a thick soup almost, structure of its company processing resembles big company impossibly also normative in that way.
He points out, the mortality of medium and small businesses is resided do not fall high, basically administer a structure to be short of with its break, regulation of 3 big wrong play concerns long-term believe in.

Lack is superintended be being controlled with the risk is medium and small businesses the ” of disease of principal “ dense on company processing problem. Normative company administers a structure to should include layer of shareholder plenary meeting, board of directors, manager, supervision board to wait, be in especially appear on the market company, the structure is more clear. But religiosity of some medium and small businesses is consanguineous, do not believe a system, the original capital of this kind of enterprise is accumulated often come from close friends, the enterprise below a lot of circumstances is ” of Home “ the world.

Accordingly, in the administrative layer of medium and small businesses, the situation that effective leader a suit holds several duty concurrently is very general, administer a structure by serious twist, it is ” of “ what I say goes normally. This type enterprise is in growing initial stage, as a result of decision-making, carry out very convenient, often can run rapidly; But because corresponding precaution and tie mechanism are done not have on management, once ” of person of “ palm door produces gross error, consequence will be deadly.

Next, public relations of many believe in of medium and small businesses, inobservant program, register from the enterprise begin to walk along knack ” with respect to zealous “ , do note phonily endowment, do false report forms, think to want to be able to be done only decide “ each immortal ” can be pulled the business, profitable.
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