Fund size and investment means should match
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The fund that uses as a result of investor place measures each not identical, the investment method that uses so is different, make clear this are very important.

Capital comes from the quantity say can be divided into different level, differentiate 300 thousand the following capital for instance for small capital, 300 thousand above 1 million yuan of less than differentiate for moderate fund, 1 million to ten million yuan capital differentiates for big fund, differentiate ten million to 100 million yuan capital to surpass big fund, more than 100 million yuan capital differentiates for capital of a huge sum. The method that uses to these 5 kinds of capital can have apparent difference. Fund size,

Small capital. Because small have so mix quickly clever characteristic, need not use a consideration negotiability, so technical analysis is main method, basically be to come true small the rapid appreciation of capital. Of course, in undertaking through main area long-term investment to small those who be worth to advocate is remain for investor, because capital is too little,do not pass, because this is fast,the target of appreciation comes true hard.

Moderate fund. The fund of nearly 1 million is very small to be being remained for present market dimensions, still should give priority to with technical area on the whole so, proper consideration negotiability. But the person that if investor is an income is higher,work, and technical analysis needs many time again, because this should pass partial capital main area to undertake a few central line invest at least, for instance a year or two years, that is to say main area and technical area are used.

Big fund. Unless investor has deeper technology to analyse strength to be able to use partial fund at a few have enough negotiability metaphase wave band is run, should give priority to with main area commonly. Pass main area analysis, will a few grow a hold it is 3 years two more appropriate. If these capital are as a child frontal capital is done through technical area big, must change in time so investment method, centre of gravity progressively move arrives above main area come. Invest way

Surpass big fund. Basically abandon technical area, give priority to with main area. Although of a few short lines technical the opportunity provides certain gain likely, but do not have apparent help to the appreciation of whole capital, and once bedding bag although capital is very few but also can create psychological pressure, bring needless trouble. Because this uses a few capital to undertake operating also should belonging to amusement through technical area namely,pledge, above more energy or the basic face that should be put in company and industry.

Capital of a huge sum. This kind of capital belongs to an orgnaization commonly, its run means to belong to type of much person group to operate mode, running a characteristic is the opinion that abides by most person. The conclusion that the technology analyses obtains the self-identity of most person very hard commonly, and to capital of a huge sum the participation of a few capital also does not have what meaning, so the investment method of this kind of capital relies on main area only.
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