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Without doubt, present stock market has a lot of everyday pull wildly litre, but, once see the stock that helps madly is chased after with respect to rushed follow-up,go up, buy probably however eat set. Want to buy, it is to be afraid that average is to buy even by covering really be not bought in apogee; , value continue to pull litre, step empty flavor bad to suffer hesitation of; in a dilemma to wander, the opportunity may be missed for nothing. Overcome contradictory psychology, strive to earn more have a deficit less, hold with respect to need short fried rhythm, crucial key still should hold to buy dot and opportunity.  

Should divert energy concentration as far as possible and buy a dot to hold. Even if grail insanity is pulled during rising, still also can have many a line receiving back or although accept small this world,did not go up almost however how many, investor is OK from be about to play litre of potential that rise likely choicely among them, next in grail concussion latent capacity target present the choose below shade line circumstance low buy. Such operation, 10 have 78 is to be bought go up to make money, after although buy,be being entered, eat temporarily set, also can solve very quickly set and make money. This is called “ to chase after low buy law ” .   

“ chases after low the one move with buy law ” significant is “ sees bibcock catch flank ” : A. Dog for a long time annulus fry total capital stock to be in a few of 10 billion above super weight, in these elephant overall exhausted when answering archives infirmly, undertake the key pays close attention to, if one of these day among them bibcock appears to go strong situation innovate again tall, so, from other in choose a sex vividder and go up drop apparent person choose of look for an opportunity is low intervene. When elephant people in succession after active innovation is tall, still can pay close attention to have not the elephant with jerk tall innovation. B. When short line is being entered to trim labor force after pannikin stock is started in, also be worth to pay close attention to. This kind have a lot of, as long as from which essence of life is carried fine anthology, can dig be about to play the potential before rising, next easy low suck intervene.  

What should notice particularly is, chase after low short fry should buy in latent capacity target in dish in when presenting shade line position, if can buy next hatching in positive this that day line ably, making money is inevitable.

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