The project venture of orgnaization of venture capital investment is evaluated a
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"Risk " for the investment business to beautiful Europe, they think that they cannot be afraid of. But their risk analysis to project mount a horse, forecast take very seriously however with avoid. Because have only accurate, reliable, scientific risk forecasts analytic result, ability is aimed at the risk that future appears the likelihood, offer the measure that be on guard and reconciliatory way, avoid the pecuniary loss that brings possibly. This is director of business of beautiful Europe investment (bureau) can discuss a decision to whether apply for a project to invest to international most the most serious content.

Investment orgnaization basically analyses and forecast the following and potential risk of the project:

1, the risk of politics and law is forecasted and analyse

After project mount a horse, country a certain number of whether can there be a possibility inside year? Warlike likelihood? Whether do China's uptodate law policy and near future of duty Wu policy have change, whether the rights and interests that guarantees investment business and devoted capital?

2, macroscopical economy risk is forecasted and analyse

Analyse and evaluate China 3 years inside, inside 5 years, whether can economy appear inside 10 years small the likelihood that shrinks to wait for economic crisis with inflation? Because this is endangered directly,increase by degrees to what invest asset net value with decrease. Endanger directly whether implementation is right China the economic strategy goal that the project invests.

3, industrial venture is forecasted and analyse

Beautiful Europe invests the industry of the project to undertake assessment to place, analyse its position in Chinese industry, does the analysis advance as the times is this industry washed out whether likely? How long does industrial lifecycle have? The pollution that whether because project itself arises to environmental place,meets, bring a harm to the mankind and society, and cause remove, claim for compensation, compel the stop production, venture that is sued.

4, market risk is forecasted and analyse

The market feasibility that business of beautiful Europe investment will offer according to professional orgnaization analyses a report, make comprehensive assessment to its. The authenticity that evaluates this analysis report, rationality, logic, scientific sex. Be aimed at the market risk that appears possibly and uncertain risk, formulate the sale government strategy that adjusts different period, make all sorts of risks defend the hypothesis plan of plasticity measure.
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