How to analyse the financial standing that invests a project?
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Financial standing analysis is to show the enterprise is inside certain period, with watch of balance sheet, increase and decrease, financial standing fluctuant watch reachs manual of other subordinate list, financial condition to wait for the basis, analyse the financial standing of the enterprise, make financial assessment, concern a government sector for investor, creditor, country, with the unit that etc and enterprise concern, provide financial report.

One, the enterprise repays ability analysis

The size of company liquidity, it is one of marks that weigh stand or fall of enterprise financial standing, be it is normal to measure an enterprise to run, whether can attract the important method of foreign capital. The index that reflects company liquidity basically has:

(1) flow rate.

Amount of liquid assets of = of rate of going from place to place / flow is indebted rate of amount ×100% flow is amount of reflective company liquid assets and flow the index that indebted scale concerns. Company liquid assets is more than flow to be in debt, show the enterprise repays commonly short-term debt capacity is strong. Rate of going from place to place with 2 ∶ 1 relatively ideal, want 1 ∶ the least 1.

(2) fast use rate.

Fast move rate = fast use property amount / flow is indebted amount ×100% fast using rate is the look in reflecting item of company liquid assets show changeably fast use asset and flow the index that indebted scale concerns. This index still can measure the authenticity of rate of going from place to place. Fast use rate general with 1 ∶ 1 for ideal, bigger, liquidity is stronger, but cannot under 0.5 ∶ 1.

(3) cash rate

Cash of cash rate = kind liquid assets / rate of cash of ×100% of liquid assets amount is report there is how many cash to be able to be used at countervail debt in company liquid assets. Cash percentage is larger, liquid assets changes now losing risk is less, the possibility of short-term countervail debt jumps over the enterprise big.

(4) changes show rate

Change show rate = ready money kind liquid assets / flow is indebted ×100% changes show rate to reflect enterprise short-term liquidity, have the function of rate of additional ready money again.

(Indebted flow leads 5)

Indebted flow leads = liquid assets / indebted amount ×100% it is to measure an enterprise to be below the circumstance that does not sell off fixed assets, repay the ability of total debt. This percentage is larger, repay capability is higher.
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