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The article is to go up the companion volume of a homonymic translation. Brad Feld of this article author is the trustee of Mobius Venture Capital, mobius also is a dedicated investment does poineering work the VC of inchoate phase, had invested Yahoo/Geocities, eloan, verisign and E*Trade. Current investment seeks the name that gets Feedburner and Technorati in combination.

The person do poineering work that has contacted VC reads this article, regular meeting has the feeling of kind of be suddenly enlightened. So those term backside are again simple the truth that does not pass. What because tell,do not pass is specific computation, style or manner of writing is unavoidable some are as dry as a chip. But the person that do poineering work to wanting those who move toward conference table immediately, you still had better be able to bear or endure strength, insist to see it.

In addition, you return meeting discovery, not only it is China, the United States has a lot of investor to like be deliberately mystifying likewise. Why? Because they want to set a threshold, be in in the negotiation windward. Also let you esteem at the same time by unripe, no matter this is intended, subliminal still make like that. Mix at this o'clock actually many Geek very picture. The person with two batches of such respective great-hearted consider oneself sits together to talk about the business, the ass says asinine word, the horse tells Ma Yu, nature should take some of paper towel that wipes sweat more.

If you are a person that do poineering work, and reading the article right now, congratulation you, you had compared a lot of people to advance on the road that moves toward financing one stride. :)

Textual the first paragraph is gibberish, jumped over.

I discover even if the person do poineering work of those Taoist priest also can not master certainly evaluating is how calculative. Home of venture capital investment people before speaking of so called investment (Pre-money) , after investment (Post-money) , and share price problem when, be like these is the name that Fu child all knows, constituency of every common United States manages be answered place is obvious like. When the purpose of this article discusses same question to make sure everybody is in namely, can use same kind of language communication. Asking what everybody understands this article is told is to mix evaluate concerned arithmetic, is not to evaluate train of thought. (evaluate train of thought to see " enterprise of venture capital investment is evaluated uncover close (1) " )

The term of venture capital investment and algorithmic at first sight may be held out do, become especially home of venture capital investment is already ripe harvest to be able to be calculated in brain those numbers when more such. Notional a bit is not actually complex, want a little simple algebra knowledge only, you also can mental arithmetic, such negotiations rise more effective.

The essence that venture capital investment trades is investor is being invested Qian Fang in the company, in order to get this company new emission share. Trade the condition that produces eve calls " before investment " (Pre-money) , trade call when the end " after investment " (Post-money) .
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