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Inspect meets Chinese card will be perfected 2008 do poineering work board the set of the market is regular, include to perfect " issue a share publicly first and doing poineering work board appear on the market administrative measure " reach its to draft regulation of its form a complete set, edit " negotiable securities is issued appear on the market the system that protect Jian is temporary method " , continue to consider to be not deep appear on the market of public company about superintendency problem.

In the meantime, meeting add perfects card inspect system of law of foundation of negotiable securities futures. Drive actively " law of fund of negotiable securities investment " revise; Cooperate actively " appear on the market the company monitors regulation " draft, " appear on the market byelaw of company independent director " the checkup of draft works; Clutch draft " byelaw of fund of protection of negotiable securities investor " send go over a manuscript or draft etc.

In addition, for change its superintend working way, improve superintendency efficiency, meeting general publishs card inspect " measure of supervisory government of negotiable securities option market implements measure " , make " statistic of negotiable securities futures runs way " edit " administration of committee of supervisory management of Chinese negotiable securities reconsiders method " .

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