Disaster area will implement special banking policy
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Chinese people bank and Chinese silver-colored inspect will allot an announcement on May 19, the city of the province that weigh calamity such as the Sichuan that decides to getting seismic calamity is affected, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Yunnan implements the special policy that restores financial service.

Two branches ask, cannot repay on time to disaster area the unit of of all kinds loan and individual, orgnaization of each banking finance is not urged close urge capture, do not punish breath, do not make bad record.

In the meantime, be short of to proof of significant bank savings break, but depositor can provide information of other and valid proof, banking finance orgnaization can pay 5000 yuan of the following cash to its go ahead of the rest.

In addition, the announcement still asks financial orgnaization must make sure each are donated and minister capital reachs the designated position in time, had done aseismatic the credit that provides disaster relief to rebuild with disaster area works.

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