Appear on the market company gross assets recombines declare the job how-to
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One, declare a process: Appear on the market the company is made in shareholder plenary meeting major asset recombines resolution and inside 3 weekday after announcement, according to " the content of company information exposure that issues negotiable securities publicly and format criterion the 26th —— appears on the market company gross assets recombines application file " demand authorized strength files a document, entrust independent and financial adviser to control administrative committee to Chinese negotiable securities (inspect of card of “ of the following abbreviation is met ” ) declare, report a duplicate to at the same time agency.

2, declare receive and accept an order: Meeting general office accepts card inspect place is unified and responsible receive declare material, to appearing on the market the company declares material to undertake the form is examined. Declare material to include written material one type triplet (an original and two photocopy) reach electronic edition.

Card inspect can appear on the market the ministry is received accept place come around make inside 5 weekday after declaring material whether be accepted or give out make good omissions announcement. Make good omissions inform the requirement appears on the market what the company makes written explanation, specification, appear on the market company and independent and financial adviser need to be in receive make good omissions written reply opinion is offerred inside 30 weekday since the day of advice note. Exceed the time limit cannot offer opinion of integrated compasses reply, appear on the market the company ought to be in the morrow of maturity progress circumstance that major asset recombines and the specific reason that fail to offer reply opinion in time give announcement.

Receive appear on the market of the company make good omissions after the reply, card inspect can appear on the market the ministry should make the decision that whether accepts inside 2 weekday, issue written announcement. After accepting, involve those who issue share is applicable " negotiable securities law " the regulation about deadline of examine and verify.

Be over to make sure staff of examine and verify is independent didymous and written the examine and verify that declares material, card inspect can appear on the market the ministry receives material to give out this paragraph of time to execute “ to feedback opinion oneself system of ” of become silent period, do not recieve those who declare a person to call in.

3, program of examine and verify: Card inspect can appear on the market ministry by the examine and verify that buys problem of the law in be in and buying 2 punish not to press respective duty to recombine to major asset and financial problem, form first trial to report and refer sectional special subject to be able to have review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, classics special subject can study, form feedback opinion.
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