Hand in a normative company debt to register mandatory settle accounts
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Issue about director branch approve by the State Council, the bond that registers negotiable securities account, its appear on the market, mandatory, trade, inspect of card of China prepping according to meets the relevant item such as settle accounts, cash regulation is carried out related the debenture that approve issues.

According to the settle accounts of Shanghai stock exchange and Chinese negotiable securities that register finite liability company combined issuance relevant announcement a few days ago, if this kind of bond is issued through handing in a system, criterion its are issued, register debenture prepping according to relevant regulation is dealt with; Do not issue through handing in a system, criterion its register the means that declares according to publisher to deal with.

Meanwhile, the bond over-the-counter trading such as this undertakes declaring by negotiable securities account, execute net price to trade, total value settle accounts. Additional, the bond such as this accords with a condition, can participate in new impawn type to counter-purchase trade.

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