Department of Commerce invests foreign trader of transfer to a lower level estat
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Chinese Department of Commerce drafts what foreign trader of transfer to a lower level invests outback real-estate project directly to put on record authority, preliminary draft transfer to a lower level to come branch of provincial business affairs.

But according to message of Department of Commerce, besides put on record outside power transfer to a lower level, policy direction can be not changed. On November 19, 2007, department of Commerce allots " about the foreign trader investment estate company enters in the records the announcement of concerned problem " , what branch of business affairs of requirement each district approves is new set, add endowment project of foreign investment real-estate must deliver Department of Commerce puts on record. And bureau of national exchange control invests real-estate project to written guarantee carry out is collected to the foreign trader, also put on record Department of Commerce the basis that serves as conduction settlement of exchange.

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