Card inspect meeting general reject a complaint is half-baked rectify and reform
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Half-baked to administering a structure to still exist rectify and reform what item etc company administers a problem to appear on the market company, meeting general accepts Chinese card inspect no longer its equity drive and again financing application.

Chinese card inspect will be given out again on June 25 2008 the 27th announcement, the requirement appears on the market each the company should be perfected further check partner controls person embezzlement actually perhaps to appear on the market the concrete step of company assets, make clear its to safeguard to thing of company director, inspect and senior administrator appear on the market the law of company capital safety defines Wu.

In addition, appear on the market company should system of further perfect built-in control, perfect ask duty mechanism, normative correlation trades, build prevent large stockholder to reach its affiliated company takes up appear on the market company capital, enroach on appears on the market the lasting effect mechanism of company profit.

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