Doorsill of security market financing or will rise
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Chinese card inspect is considering be opposite " the 1st —— is not the interlocution of standard of company information exposure that issues negotiable securities publicly regular increase and decrease " undertake editing again, appear on the market yield of company stock market or will be limitted to be afresh blame is regular project of increase and decrease.

It is reported, chinese card inspect can plan to limit 6 projects for blame is regular project of increase and decrease, include hold to trade among them the evenhanded value that sexual finance capital produces is fluctuant increase and decrease and deal with trade the sexual finance capital, yield that can obtain for selling financial asset.

In addition, blame is regular the amalgamative cost with amalgamative enterprise of the 5th “ is less than project of increase and decrease unit be incorporatinged should be enjoyed to be able to identify when incorporating the ” of increase and decrease that value of net assets evenhanded produces, the investment cost that seeks enterprise of “ of opinion draft instead to acquire subsidiary, joint-venture enterprises and jointly owned company is less than when acquiring investment, should enjoy can be identified by unit of investment the accrual ” that value of net assets evenhanded produces, the range that its cover also expands somewhat.

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