Hair change appoint clear investment project seeks advice evaluate report requir
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Chinese nation development and reform committee wove recently " about the enterprise investment project seeks advice from those who evaluate a report a certain number of requirements " , entrust in order to rise seek advice from assessment quality and level.

Hair change appoint requirement, the company invests construction " the investment project catalog of governmental sanction " when the project inside, answer to write project application report according to concerned requirement, sign up for send project approve mechanism application approve. Basis of project approve mechanism the project is specific circumstance, whether does the decision need to entrust a project to seek advice from an orgnaization to undertake assessment, and but according to need, entrusting when evaluating, put forward to assess a focal point.

Project advisory orgnaization wants according to entrust square requirement, key from safeguard economic safety, reasonable development to use resource, protection zoology environment, optimize major position, safeguard public interest, prevent isogon of occurrence forestall and unfair competition to spend undertake assessment argumentation, write an enterprise to invest a project to seek advice evaluate a report, the newspaper sends entrust mechanism, regard the important reference when approve project as the basis.

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