The set up shop on the net must handle business license
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Since August 1, the unit that uses Internet to be engaged in running an activity and individual (contain electronic business affairs to serve a provider) ought to obtain business license lawfully.

Strengthen electronic business affairs to supervise administrative opinion according to what industrial and commercial bureau will release Beijing on July 2, do not need to do 3 kinds of cases that illuminate or register afresh to be: Had had the company that take and individual and industrial and commercial door be engaged in electronic business affairs running an activity, and the photograph of scope of operations of scope of operations and registration book is consistent; Obtain MII or finish a website to put on record, arrive the operator of electronic business affairs that department of industrial and commercial administration received business patent; Sell on Internet, article of displacement for private use, and the individual that is not a purpose in order to seek profits.

Electronic business affairs trades the electronic business affairs such as Huang Ye of the store on platform, net, network serves a provider accountability check and keep business door aptitude proves.

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