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European new market
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European new market, it is the network market that constitutes by the new market of stock exchange of Shikoku of Germany, France, Belgian, Holand. Found the tenet of European new market is, be those who have innovation mind is tall the medium and small businesses that grow is offerred appear on the market financing opportunity, offer deal for investor of these stocks trade place. Regard connection as the network of these members, european new market provided financing window for the tall growing medium and small businesses of member country, make they can the investor with wider even range of Europe of bring into contact with.

(One) new market of France (Le Nouveau Marche)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Le Nouveau Marche is the new market that French stock exchange opens, establish on Feburary 14, 1996, of the same age will begin to trade on March 20. To the end of the year, 18 companies (among them company of 2 foreign countries) appear on the market in this market trade, market price total value is achieved 2. Monetary Unit of 200 million Europe. This market is making the market of complete Europe hard. To achieve this one goal, this market already was mixed with Brussels the connection of field of pannikin stock market of the city such as the Amsterdam, formed an is “Euro—NM” market that is weighed; Euro—NM is community of interest of an Europe economy, its target is to pass the unity of policy code to change, of the unifinication of commercial technology activity and market turn the club that will promote European each market jointly, implementation enlarges the purpose of the market.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nouveau Marche is the wholy-owned company of Parisian bourse, but independent at Parisian bourse. Its tenet is to be new student enterprise to offer a stock to raise fund the market. Its appear on the market the standard is more more agile than existent market. For example: Lowermost total assets 20 million franc () of Monetary Unit of 3.08 million Europe; Lowermost net assets 8 million franc (Monetary Unit of 1.23 million Europe) ; Lowermost public amount 100 thousand; Lowermost market prise 10 million franc (Monetary Unit of 1.54 million Europe) .

(2) new market of Germany (Neuer Markt)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Neuer Markt is the new market that the German stock exchange that is located in Frankfurt opens, establish on March 10, 1997, two the earliest appear on the market the company is mobile telephone company and dynamical engine company respectively, their market prise already surpassed 600 million mark. The newly established phase that in Germany the company of capital of new market collect already overshot with founding capital and seminal capital support, had stood firm in the market.

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