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Appear on the market notice of company main item
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Expensive boat share (12.39, 0, 0.00%)(600523) shareholder plenary meeting is discussed " the report that issues a stock publicly to involve significant correlation to trade about be not " etc second reading

Comment on: Company blame adds hair general publicly to buy large stockholder assets of expensive boat group and cast to the others 4 ability revise a project. In conformity of one group assets pushs boat stage by stage, company hopeful becomes group aviation the asset conformity platform of airborne equipment, this one process is worth to pay close attention to.

S*ST drunkard (000799) shareholder plenary meeting is discussed " in emperor wine of sugar industry of limited company, China kind group company is right of drunkard wine Inc. recombine plan " etc second reading

Comment on: The company supports next propulsion to recombine in company of new the emperor in controlling a partner, the support of large stockholder got on circulating fund and sale network, external management environment improves apparently inside, future develops but discretion is hopeful.

On July 17 (Tuesday)

Benefit Europe share (002131) shareholder plenary meeting is discussed " what revise company constitution about changing company scope of operations is second reading " etc second reading

Comment on: The company is country's biggest miniature manufacturer of small-sized water pump and exporter, product research and development and qualitative check competition ability are stronger, the market space of the product is larger. The company appears on the market collect endowment can be outspread to producing with promotion integrated competition ability is contributed active.

Fujian high speed (7.11, - 0.06, - 0.84%)(600033) shareholder plenary meeting is discussed " come about investing Fuzhou of project of Xiamen freeway extend second reading " etc second reading

Comment on: According to announcement, extend of high speed of mansion of company investment blessing is responsible among them extend of fontal mansion high speed basically is the pressure that answers traffic to rise quickly, and with compete in the railroad of blessing mansion high speed that build. The advantage of area highway resource of the company (3100.79, - 44.03, - 1.40%) develops safeguard future smoothly.

On July 18 (on Wednesday)

Industry of drug of health predestined relationship (17.95, 0.59, 3.40%)(600557) drafts open hair not to exceed 30 million A all right shareholder plenary meeting discusses day

Comment on: : The company is added publicly this send collect endowment to will be used at modern Chinese traditional medicine ability changes injection product line etc project and enhance actual strength of research and development. In serving as officinal manufacturer, company management is relatively competent, prospective development is OK optimistic.

The letter is elegant amount to (7, - 0.22, - 3.05%)(600571) shareholder plenary meeting is discussed what about believing elegant Da Hengcheng to invest limited company to buying Shanghai 70% equity item signs compensatory agreement is second reading etc second reading
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