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The general flow that appear on the market and program
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The process that publishs publicly first is rich challenge sex, stirring process, bold decision, appear on the market the outstanding performance of the group and favorable market situation, the harmonious implementation of “ climate, favourable geographical position, person and ” , will develop the elegant demeanour of the succeed person of the Chinese company of market of capital of United States of base oneself upon and form.

1. is established appear on the market advisory body team

The company is able to appear on the market finally in the United States, often be appear on the market effectively the result that advisory body team runs successfully. Besides company itself, especially the administrative high level of the company, outside needing to throw many time and energy, company beard composition includes to invest bank, counsel, accountant inside appear on the market advisory body team. Among them, investment bank will take the lead the leadership is whole trade and bear sold process. When the consideration invests the person selected of the bank, the company should understand investment bank adequately to whether have the experience that the other company that once had helped this industry appears on the market and its sale capacity. The counsel that the company chooses must have the United States hold job seniority, same, the company should consider his to whether have the rich experience of side of negotiable securities business. Accountant office should the financial standing that the basis standard of American general accounting investigates a company independently. Accountant office also should have in the round knowledge to accounting standard of China, so that adjust,a certain number of data ask with according with the forms for reporting statistics of American accounting standard.

2. fulfils his duty to investigate

The company will be in appear on the market of all-around, development of the administrative operation that the company has below the assistance of advisory body team, finance affairs and law Wu respect fulfil his duty to investigate. Fulfil his duty to investigate will draft for the company register book of manual, raise capital by floating shares, road to perform sales promotion to wait lay a foundation. Issue the management business state of the company with understanding to hold better, so that be mixed accurately at drafting book of charming raise capital by floating shares, advocate bear annul business, advocate bear the counsel that sells business and the counsel that release a company mix the belongings to releasing a company concerned contract agreement makes extensive checkup, include the license of all loan agreements, important contract and government, etc. In addition, they return the senior administrator with the company, will financial personnel and audit staff to wait undertake discussion. In the meantime, advocate bear sell business to often ask the counsel of the company and accountant offer the opinion that concerns the incident in registering a manual. Bear those who sell agreement to issue the agreement concerned company by the counsel of the company is lawful establish the legal opinion that reachs incident of the operation, effectiveness that issues negotiable securities, other law. In addition, bear sell an agreement to still issue requirement company counsel the opinion that publishs whether adequately about registering a manual. Finally, issue a company to be asked to offer a “ to accuse even comfort letter ” , register accountant to confirm all sorts of financial data in registering a manual by what its become independent namely.
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