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Hong Kong appears on the market advantages and disadvantages guideline
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Join WTO as China, domestic company faces the new opportunity that economic high speed increases not only, also facing more intense market competition at the same time. Below this kind of situation, if the enterprise is brought about because of be deficient in capital cannot augment reality scale of production, improve a product, or popularize an activity into quotations field without capital, very quick meeting is washed out by the competitor. To the enterprise, appearing on the market is business development and a outspread important course of development. Appear on the market besides can external financing obtains industry expansion place to need capital besides, the trade that still can promote a business praise.

  The decision that appear on the market

Most entrepreneur hopes his company appears on the market in the stock exchange, but a lot of different factors should consider before deciding to whether appear on the market the company. And every enterprise, every entrepreneur, dou Yinggen occupies his individual situation, will make the decision that whether appears on the market.

Appearing on the market is the hour that an enterprise gets a challenge fully undoubtedly. Appear on the market the company not only can recommend new capital stock fund, improve the finance condition of the company, can enhance company reputation more. The profit that it can bring is much really count deeply. The enterprise is borrowing appear on the market, your business is able to expand, again and make the industry improves productivity, OKer the stock will buy competitor of person of the same trade or other relevant enterprise, make partner redound rises greatly, also be what partner, employee brings individual money finally to increase.

   The advantage that appear on the market

One, the fund that recommends low cost. The capital that through appearing on the market manner raises, often compare from invest directly or achieve the fund place that casts fund place to obtain to require cost low much, main reason is the capital that when appearing on the market, raises money, city is filled with rate is higher. The capital both neither that city collects money on ceases with Fu Li, also return the pressure of time limit without countervail, make the enterprise can expand without care ground business.

2, promotion company image. Appear on the market besides the capital that can attract world each district, still reach prestige to promote greatly to the figure of the enterprise. In the meantime, the confidence of qualitative to the new product of the enterprise element and bank credit also rises greatly.

3, improve employee relation. The enterprise can plan to reinforce the concern with employee through award of the employee after appearing on the market. Identifying equity evidence is a kind of good method that draws outstanding talented person, employee also can share the fruit that the company grows ceaselessly.

4, accelerate business development. An enterprise that appear on the market can pass through the business that publishs a stock to undertake incorporating reaching buying other company to expand in order to achieve the purpose of enterprise dimensions. Because appear on the market,the company is financial actual strength to the bank is indicative, these appearing on the market the company borrows money to the bank, accrual often also inferior, leasehold forehead is spent also rise accordingly. To the enterprise, offerred a good internal affairs pillar.
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