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In the advantage that the United States appears on the market
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The advantage that Chinese company appears on the market in the United States basically reflects in the following respects:

? ? Mao? ? The stability of the market and the abundant financing source that its represent provide the largest space for industry financing. To including Chinese company inside for the company outside the condition, the abundant financing that depends on place of this one market accommodating to all without exception of the biggest reason of scramble for sth of American capital market. Because contrast the market operation of sound legal system and effective, it is giant investment orgnaization not only, it is scattered individual investor also can pass a lot of means to collect fund rise, occupying the important corner of capital market, make the United States makes global scale the biggest with the most efficient capital market. American investor occupies the 12 % of the capital total that these investor place own about to be not the investment of the stock of American company.

The 2nd, conduce to the whole world that elevates a firm famous spend and good reputation. The company is good famous degree of value that representing a company on certain level, and the capital market that is in the United States through appearing on the market declares his views, way of have the aid of develops the exposure that waits for means and media, obtain the effect of similar sales promotion, can enhance the prestige of the enterprise. Normally, stock market analyst can dog the outstanding achievement of the company, forecast company foreground regularly, active and favorable report will conduce to the price that raises company stock.

The 3rd, of aggrandizement company buy and method. Appear on the market make the value of the company can be passed have the very high share that loses the American stock market that shows a gender to be able to reflect, and the stock of the company that appears on the market in the United States often is approved for buy and pay a means, buy the home to often accept a stock more likely to regard as pay a tool.

The 4th, the interior of company of farther stimulative China is reformed and raise the level that the company governs. The exposure with American more firm market and company administer a requirement, also will become Chinese company to undertake reform and be executived recombining extensively, increase the turning point in the competition ability inside the industry.

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