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The means that appear on the market
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Normally, the capital market that Chinese company enters the United States can adopt the following 4 kinds of means:

Issue publicly of 1. common stock first (Initial Public Offerings, IPOs)

The stock market disaster of 30 time initial stage brings about on one century the stock of foreign company is in the United States stock market suffer a disastrous decline, investor instant of the United States lost number with 100 million plan investment, incident of this one history makes the law of American negotiable securities 1933 be carried out formally. After this, the common stock that law of American negotiable securities is in the United States to the company outside the condition sends the superintendency of travel and native land company publicly to be not had first 2 send. Be without exception, this company must undertake registered. According to the dimensions of the company and the exposure circumstance that are in the United States before, american card inspect still can make different form, use with offerring foreign company to register.

Basically, the company outside the condition and American company are same, must with similar pattern to committee of American negotiable securities (SEC) and investor exposure are equal information. To the company outside a lot of conditions, the exposure system of American security market is to make a person feel unwell. What financial exposure of the United States and accounting standard compare a lot of countries is more detailed and strict, for example, what its ask emulative to the market of the company position and administrative estate are forecasted to foreground is mandatory exposure, it is one makes what foreign company has a headache paradigmatic, but have a place to strive to be on the capital market of this vast, the company outside the condition also can do in Rome as Rome does. For bate this is unwell, american card inspect can permit condition grandfather to manage its financial forms for reporting statistics adjusts to the accounting principle that accords with the United States, differ want practically to be made according to American standard surely.

In addition, once the stock of the company outside the condition is made public trade, this company still must deal according to American negotiable securities the regulation of the law reports to SEC regularly.

2. United States is put hold a card in the palm to hang out one's shingle (American Depositary Receipts, ADRs)

Inc. of Chinese life insurance on December 17, 2003, be in new York 18 days respectively stock exchange (NYSE) and Hong Kong couplet hand in place to hang out his shingle formally trade. Regard the China that synchronism of the first two ground appears on the market as state-owned banking company, its were obtained of 25 times above quota subscribe multiple, issue 6.5 billion in all, collect capital 3.5 billion dollar, achieve IPO of market of capital of this year whole world to raise fund the forehead record high, obtained abroad the success that appear on the market. What Chinese birthday is sure even if Chinese company appears on the market successfully through ADR is paradigmatic.
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