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Venture capital investment makes public the postulate that appear on the market
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Need to understand the setting of company of venture capital investment above all, make clear whether does the trade that the company of venture capital investment in the target pursues to you understand. If they are general,won't have investment to the industry that does not know. Moreover, whether had they once had investment to a few companies of this one domain. These conduce to your preliminary judgement.

In initial contact of enterprise and company of venture capital investment, after company of venture capital investment generates certain interest, the enterprise should hand over a formaller company program book to company of venture capital investment. It should include the following shares:
1. company brief introduction
2. enterprise foreground is analysed. In the light of enterprise itself circumstance and industry basic characteristic has relatively detailed introduction, in order to offer company of venture capital investment decision-making use. This part can include following content:
A. Industry introduction
B. Company general situation
C. The market grows a tendency
D. Enterprise foreground is forecasted. (product sale is forecasted, income estimation and profit are forecasted etc)
E. Manufacturing condition
F. Technical team
G. Supply trade situation
3. manages team introduction. This one part basically shows the actual strength of business management estate, the educational setting that includes main administrator and duty already check, and their equity in the company allocates.
4. invests a circumstance. This one part emphasizes the introduction to wait about the use plan of venture capital investment.
A. The use of venture capital investment suggests. Include the amount of venture capital investment of application, with why be being planted means redound? Company of venture capital investment has how many share and requirement of other venture capital investment in the enterprise. B. Capital of venture capital investment uses a plan
C. Company of venture capital investment did not come in the position in the enterprise. How many chair is there in company board of directors? Whether to need company of venture capital investment to recommend senior officer?
The investment redound means of company of 5. venture capital investment, venture capital investment exits means, the company is last it is to appear on the market publicly, sell or counter-purchase share by entrepreneur, need to agree here.
Those who need ambitious shift is, company of venture capital investment is when application of venture capital investment of examine and verify, right the quality of itself of the person that do poineering work and the composition that run a group take seriously extremely. To doing poineering work model the enterprise, manpower resource is the most significant sth used to one's own advantage that decides enterprise destiny. If want to get overseas venture capital investment, your administrative group must be internationalization. The person that do poineering work so must introduce mainly in company program book.
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