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American NASDAQ is right appear on the market the requirement of the enterprise
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The project is initiated appear on the market continuously the choice chooses 2 options 3 choices 2 choices of one & ① of 3 clean tangible 6 million 1, 8 million did not raise a requirement 4 million did not carry ② of requirement market prise

Total assets

Gross income

Did not carry a requirement to did not raise a requirement 750 thousand or

750 thousand

750 thousand

Did not raise a requirement 500 thousand or

500 thousand

500 thousand

The income before duty (newest financial year or before

Two finance of 3 financial year year)

100万 未提要求 未提要求 未提要求 未提要求 公众持股量(股数)③ 110万股 110万股 110万股 75万股 110万股 经营年限 未提要求 2年 未提要求 未提要求 未提要求 发行市价 800万 1800万 2000万 500万 1500万 每股最低递盘阶 5 5 5 1 5 股东人数(持股达100万股

Reach 1 million above)

400 400 400 number of 400 400 trade that become city 3 3 4 2 4 renown companies are ruled rule rule rule rule rule

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