Newspaper of 3 quarters money is Baidu Internet infuse " downer "
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch yesterday, baidu announced 8 years of the 3rd quarter to sign up for without the money of audit, money newspaper shows, baidu business profit of the 3rd quarter and photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 119.1% , achieve about 368.3 million yuan of RMBs, realize profit to break up once more time. “ in global economy a depression is mixed sing during declining, the outstanding achievement that Baidu grows ceaselessly with its and strong share price are Chinese Internet infuse ’ of downer of a ‘ , no matter be,to industrial group venture capital investment still is normal company operation will have positive direct effect. ” releases money in Baidu after the newspaper, a personage inside course of study expresses to the reporter.

As we have learned, in global stock market queasy in 3 most intense months, the as close together as business connection of small-sized foreign trade, acting labour enterprise Alibaba in Chinese Internet industry share price bold and flowing, bring quite big panicky mood to Chinese Internet whole. The personage inside course of study expresses to this, enter since 2008, the United States second the financial storm that borrows the crisis to cause let global economy enter development decelerate period, of the stock steep fall, a large number of shrink of market prise, make an enterprise conscious arrive of ” of “ cold winter brisk. Live frugally begins in a few companies, with cut down the member of persons employed, strategic transition comes when hardship lives, the expression of Baidu is like same needle cardiac, let industry see the dawn of the hope.

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