Sun combination author leaves his post once more do poineering work turn to make
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch reports according to foreign media, the Sun that just releases outstanding achievement early-warning is hit again, this company combines father Andy. Beiketuosihaimu (Andy Bechtolsheim) 3 announce, will leave Sun to join in poineering company Arista.

Shellfish overcomes those who hold Sihaimu in the palm to leave one disaster after another of to Sun character it may be said, this Zhou Yi, sun releases early-warning to say, be in up to the money season September 28, every company loss will amount to 24-35 cent, the analyst that far outclass Shang Sen discloses investigation every deficit of 1 cent anticipate. Since this year, sun share price already dropped beforehand 70% , zhou San closes at 4.72 dollars.

Beiketuosihaimu will take up the post of official of Arista company presiding development to hold president concurrently. Arista basically sells switching equipment of network of aether of 100 thousand million, plan to develop software of ” of “ cloud computation, have 50 stuff at present, it is technical personnel for the most part among them.

Already was Beiketuosihaimu this 2 degrees leave Sun. Beiketuosihaimu and Sun have source quite, 1982, he and Weinuode. Kesila (Vinod Khosla) , Bill. Joy (Bill Joy) with Scot. Maikenili (Scott McNealy) 3 people established jointly Sun.1995 year, beiketuosihaimu leaves Sun, join in poineering company Granite Systems, second year, this company is bought by Cisco, beiketuosihaimu also joined Cisco subsequently. 2003, he leaves Cisco to join in poineering company Kealia, the 2nd year this company is bought by Sun again, then Beck holds Sihaimu in the palm return Sun, take up the post of presiding framework division to hold systematic group concurrently senior vice president.

In Sun inchoate in 4 author, two turn to make venture capital investment all right, among them, kesila left his post 1985, joined KPCB of company of venture capital investment second year; Joy left his post 2003, also joined KPCB. The Maikenili that defends Sun alone gave CEO Shuai Yin 2005 Jonathan. Shiwaci (Jonathan Schwartz) , only president of remain in office one duty.

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