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China invests a net (among crisis of CHNVC.COM) dispatch banking, global substance economy may suffer bigger impact, the influence to China cannot be underestimated. But China had taken a series of advantageous step, capable to resist exterior concussion, but Chinese enterprise has ready-made, what our studio invites today is the extensive investment such as pair of China the sources of energy, IT, tourism Chinese the president Chen Hong that can invest.

Compere: Among the domain that invests in you, produce a few practical effects?

Chen Hong: Had of course, one is plant is first-rate enterprise, numerous like frame cent such enterprise is gain, administrative group is done first-rately, but the stock is in all the time drop, this basically is the confidence problem of investor. Still one is plant is in industry of travel, aviation, such businesses are very much the company is reducing cost between financial storm, travel among them, be away on official business even if reduce, can be affected so.

Compere: You a moment ago mentioned the first kind of condition, it is the company looks health, but because panic affected the expanded reproduction of the enterprise,be purely.

Chen Hong: Yes, created a lot of opportunities to investor so, see wall street, besides investment bank, also can get to pouring fund problem, such is in undersell stock when the main area that did not pay close attention to a stock is how to return a responsibility. For the business with serve as main area so good so, they are first-rate, need not nervous.

Compere: About the financial crisis influence to hypostatic economy, we are consulted again Chinese president Dr. Chen Hong that can invest. Dr. Chen Hong, we hear of you last weeks just come back from the United States, how does this banking crisis that can tell the United States in order to give us conduct what go among hypostatic economy. We saw car field, but hear in distant California, new York is in the United States east bank, california is in the United States on the west bank, there is the equation of time of 5 hours among, how to conduct American Silicon Valley quickly, we hear of now the circumstance of Silicon Valley very not hopeful, industry of a lot of high-tech began to cut down the member of persons employed.

Chen Hong: We attended the annual meeting that the Chinese of a 1000 people holds in Silicon Valley after October, how to go after Chinese Olympic Games namely. The poineering home of a lot of Silicon Valley, apparent investor was contacted in this process, undertake talk with them. Actually the economy of whole Silicon Valley follows wall street is be closely bound up actually. Cite a case casually, resemble Lei Man's brother such enterprise, finance toppled after crisis generation, he spends one hundred million and ten U.S. dollors every year to be used buy IT product, silicon Valley is the bracket of IT product. If such company toppled, do not go buying this one hundred million and ten U.S. dollors, company of that Silicon Valley did not have such turnover, won't buy much semiconductor chip company, so chain-reacting came down, how does such company do? Be about to cut down the member of persons employed. So whole is told, cut down the member of persons employed to feedback confidence problem of everybody, unemployed, do not have money, beautiful money is a bit more cautious, arrive to sell industry, retail property commonly with respect to feedback next. So whole is told, silicon Valley is told as the center of a high-tech, the influence pretty that get is big. at 2 o'clock, silicon Valley is do poineering work, a lot of companies arise over. If arrive this year October bottom, financial crisis arises, only a few companies can appear on the market, mechanism of company of venture capital investment was done not have, waited without money. It is under this environment, will say an effect to whole Silicon Valley still is very big.
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