Tall valve founds before British MessageLabs company fund of new venture capital
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch on October 27 message, according to foreign media coverage, tall canal Ben is mixed before British MessageLabs company Jos brother two, the one part in the 100 million pound that the plan sells MessageLabs company is obtained with them, this month a venture of new science and technology establishs first fund.

Two people will throw 20 million pound in new fund, the partner of this fund still includes the governor before Messagelabs. They hope to support high-tech industry of England further, also establish what devote oneself to new fund of a 100 million pound together.

They express, be in England, have a lot of good originality and idea, but lack sufficient financing, the home of venture capital investment with abundant actual strength is done not have in England. When they begin to do poineering work, venture capital of England expands not quite, can appeal only at that time at the United States.

Because this two brother established MessageLabs and hope high to fill in industry heart, before fortnight, this enterprise sold the Tie Ke that surpass the door with 397 million pound.

This fund establishs the support that got each respect. Plan of this only new fund invests 4-6 every year project, amount of investment of dilate period project makes an appointment with 10 million pound - 20 million pound, amount of investment of project of newly established period makes an appointment with 2 million pound - 4 million pound. Science and technology of main invest in serves an item, offer software to serve the item with management sex high income especially. The Qian Dele of Si Difen of chief inspector of the finance before still including MessageLabs company that joins this fund procession and lucky silver invest the banker of the bank.

Although the professional career of Ben begins to be sure at the sale, but he founded RBR network company, become Cisco to be in Europe the largest fraction sells business, and be in sold Datatec with 4.5 million pound 1998. This two brother founded later Internet serves a company, become the biggest Internet to serve a provider.

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