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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch Lei Jun says: “ our competitor is Gu Ge, apple, Microsoft, Nuojiya such global tycoon. Zhou Min of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Wind and cloud piece

Worked 16 years in golden hill, go to ” of enterprise of banner of software of this “ nation to appear on the market successfully from difficult and heavy band, the bottom left his post from golden hill last year. Disappear in industry line of sight after 10 months, golden hill former CEO holds president Lei Jun concurrently to reappear once more ——10 month 16 days, the bibcock enterprise actor of browser of domestic mobile Internet is inspected move scene (UCWEB) announce in Beijing, lei Jun will hold the position of actor to inspect move scene president.

Lei Jun is one of angel investor of this company, he talks sharp words of fast always person: “ reappears hold the position of actor to inspect move scene president, it is to should make tycoon of prospective shift Internet. I like to have the job that challenges a gender. ”

It is difficult to sell outstanding network cast off lose

“ investment actor is inspected move scene, reappear hold the position of actor to inspect move the president of scene, should sell from me actually outstanding begin to tell case. ”10 month 23 days, inspect in actor move scene inside the office that is located in ZhongGuanCun, lei Jun speaks of the “ complex ” that he does poineering work once more to the reporter.

2004, lei Jun of 35 years old experienced the feeling that has money person ” when “ for the first time, he sells the outstanding network that establish tycoon of global electron business affairs with the price of 75 million dollar Yamaxun.

Nevertheless, in the Lei Jun that strides plute cavalcade appears and imagining without people happy. “ decides this to be opposite for me actually special anguish. ” Lei Jun says, before the decision sells, experienced rife to struggle.

“ is right for American, establish with one's own hands a company sells the tycoon that cross a state, the likelihood is very great success, but to the Chinese, the children that resembles selling oneself is same. Inside time of that one month, I am wanting to sell or do not sell everyday almost, oneself are very uncomfortable. ”

Lei Jun says, the very much person that do poineering work makes a sightseeing tour after selling a company, but he is not in that way disposition, he is very young still, still want to do bit of business, but very bemused, do not know what to should do all the time.

Come to place emergence from inside selling outstanding lose, lei Jun wants to force his to forget outstanding, this process is very difficult. “ goes to work to go up with half hour everyday before me outstanding, be in every week outstanding on buy a bit thing, like wanting to forget it to resemble smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline now. ” to forget outstanding, lei Jun is in outstanding net did not go up inside half an year, do not shop on the net.
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