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China invests a net (the position of market of first OTC of CHNVC.COM) dispatch home may want to be reaved by bourse of seaside international equity bourse of equity of international of Tianjin equity bourse, seaside not dread ursine city is like grow like emerge, express to attract of all kinds blame to appear on the market the company comes this financing undertakes the equity between international is made over, and as grasp have blame appear on the market meeting to date did not publish the card inspect that the emission of public company superintends authority the stock of this kinds of company issues superintendency method.

Tianjin equity bourse says its begin " first times for home at the beginning of October two tall the market that equity of company of two blame " and fund of illicit collect equity trade, already registered in Tianjin do business, predict this year the end of the year, will garrison formally market of banking of seaside new developed area, at the appointed time, first enterprise and illicit collect fund will hang out his shingle in this market trade. "Two tall what two blame " points to is national level the company of new and high technology inside area of garden of industry of new and high technology and blame appear on the market blame public Inc. , what fund of illicit collect equity points to is partnership fund, fiducial model the fund of poineering venture capital investment that fund and company control.

Tianjin equity bourse is trying in moving, do not have financing business at present the first sheet is born, chen Zongsheng of deputy secretary-general of Tianjin municipal government is right yesterday express.

But the position of market of OTC of domestic head home may want to be reaved by bourse of seaside international equity. There is media coverage yesterday, support actively in Tianjin municipal government and drive below, bourse of seaside international equity will begin to try operation at will be in Tianjin on October 28. The website of this bourse says, bourse of seaside international equity is about to hang out his shingle hold water, equity trades platform is about to debut; Say its are major of domestic head home to be engaged in an enterprise carrying equity of sell one's own things, undertake direct financing trade place.

Chen Zongsheng states these two are support of Tianjin municipal government, pass card inspect to be able to be approved to will undertaking in two afore-mentioned bourse whether the enterprise of financing wants, superintend, he did not demonstrate an attitude.

Make clear in the give an official that the State Council will reform scheme in integrated to seaside new developed area form a complete set on March 13 this year since putting forward " active support to establish OTC market " in Tianjin seaside new developed area, tianjin city is promoting the relevant work that OTC market builds all the time. Seaside international includes Tianjin city finance to invest asset of Great Wall of management center, China to run a company in the partner of equity bourse.
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