Get warm again after a cold spell of amount of European venture capital investme
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch reports according to foreign media, according to England investment studies report of company Library House is analysed, venture capital investment of Europe of the 3rd quarter from early days low in confusing, walk out of, amount of venture capital investment grew 30% . Clean technology domain most be valued.

The growth of amount of European venture capital investment basically comes from Yu Deguo, france, sweden and Israel.

Be in England, amount of venture capital investment of the 3rd quarter dropped 14% , and in forehead of venture capital investment grew 54%.Library House to think first quarter some earlier this year of moment grow what can make up for the 3rd quarter to drop considerably, predict this year last quarter, venture capital investment may appear to be climbed again in England litre.

The investment of domain of clean science and technology has in the 3rd quarter climb considerably litre, with 58 investment case created new record, go up first quarter is 49. The 3rd quarter, total investment of clean technology domain amounts to 293 million euro, record was 2007 the 309 million euro of the fourth quarter.

Specified number of financing of solar energy industry is the largest, company of Sulfurcell Solartechnik of pioneer of German solar energy acquires investment of 85 million euro, company of Cardiff-basded G24i of a solar energy undertook financing the 3rd round, make the company of solar energy technology that its became England to best capital lays in innovation.

Library House points out, firm of before this quarterly Europe 3 large investment is respectively: Intel invests, invest 5 projects, investment 144 million euro. Amadisi capital, invest 10 projects, investment 127 million euro. Index capital, invest 4 projects, investment 92.3 million euro.

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