Rich world is in China increase investment industry of energy of attention of 85
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China invests a net (of market of CHNVC.COM) dispatch whole world low confused world yielding gain to have more hope to China. A few days ago, president of rich age group Fulangci. Phenanthrene embellish Bach announces in Beijing, 2008~2010 year, rich generation will increase investment in China 850 million euro. Among them 200 million euro is used at extend produces base diesel oil without stannum and the yield of rail system can, 100 million euro is used at building establishment of new wind energy technology, will last in China talent of research and development of more of invite applications for a job, the research and development that has more project works.

“ Asia-Pacific division develops momentum strong, the negative effect that also cannot offset exchange rate element and economic slowdown are brought. ” Fulangci. Phenanthrene embellish Bach expresses, sale of rich age group predicted to be 47 billion euro 2008, than going up year small growth. According to the Chinese data that rich age field provides, sale was rich age group 2007 46.3 billion euro, the end that predicts to reach this year is compared only on year grow 1.5% compared to the same period. With did business 2007 income of 15.67% add appearance to compare compared to the same period, the growth rate of rich age group slid considerably 2008.

China is the ” of “ evergreen tree of rich world. The data that rich world provides shows, 2008, in Chinese sale hopeful achieves 2.3 billion euro (about 25 billion yuan) , relatively on year achieve the driving growth of 30% . This is rich world is obtained 4 years continuously in China substantially grow.

Rich world will invest 200 million euro to be used at extend not to have stannic derv in all the manufacturing base of rail system. This base can produce 100 thousand diesel oil every year at present in all rail system, produce after extend can will achieve 1.4 million. Carried out China on July 1, 2007 light-duty car discharges a standard 3 numbers (below call “ country 3 ” standard) hind, domestic derv in all rail system professional work almost by rich world forestall. Because domestic company produces derv engine oil pump to be able to achieve China only,light-duty car discharges a standard 2 numbers, the tail gas that cannot achieve a country to set discharges a standard.

As Japanese report outfit, Deerfu enter, rich world is in this on one hand the technology precedes the advantage is lost gradually. The most apparent is high pressure of rich world diesel oil in all rail system comes 2 years price fell half, drop to from 20 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan. Increase investment this and enlarge is produced, be considered as to answer the competitor, method that reduces cost further.

Data shows, up to 2007, rich world had invested 1 billion euro in China; To 2010, rich world will amount to 1.85 billion euro in investment amount of China. Rich age group shows, 16% what Asia-Pacific area business takes business of group whole world at present, predict to will increase to 25% 2015.
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