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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch on October 9, there is media coverage on Shanghai, hei Shi trades about square of business of Shanghai macrobian distance the agreement pays expire, hei Shi is not paid still remaining sum.

Suspicious in people when, outstanding finance will issue clear announcement on October 13, say to talking things over to order consultative date afresh with Hei Shi for on October 31 or before. And the final date that concludes an agreement formerly is on September 30, 2008.

This year in June, hei Shi gets square of commerce of long life of the Shanghai below outstanding banking division with making an appointment with 1.017 billion yuan of cost to buy the equity of 90% .

Spent two months only, black rock group purchases the “ intermediate that is located in village of Shen of area of Shanghai Min travel to fill world store ” with 4.5 billion yuan of RMB again. Probably, the market and black rock group left a fun, finish buy case hind, by August, 5 large investment of American have 3 to close all right, big rub also exited cast industry Wu, the management mode of black rock future will get the test of the market.

Have no way to back down

A foreign capital casts an analyst to express: The market glides suddenly now, estate enters trough period, financial industry is stagnant also, hei Shi regards investment as fund, unfavorable situation is more awkward.

“ Gao Cheng, big rub etc cast row, early days gain, although lower price usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, just also earn more with the problem that earns less. And Hei Shi in a dilemma, in the project that market peak period invests, want to be retreated, the loss is very big, if fulfil a contract, the market is bad now, be in low ebb period, when to restore unknown. ” Shanghai is suitable start analyst of investment limited company Zhu Jia civilian expresses.

A chief of foreign capital fund expresses, fund of a lot of international illicit collect can use “ lever to buy the mode of operation of ” , the place that buys an item needs capital, won't complete from inside fund draw-out. This kind of mode of operation is with a few capital gold in advance “ books ” namely, undertake loan or other channel financing to the bank again next. Below current market condition, the brand assures a gender admittedly as before effective, but financing difficulty will naturally increase greatly, bring about thereby trade the process is deferred.

Current, the business of Shanghai begins to taking gliding route with property. According to the statistic of high power international, he Jingan of Pudong of the 3rd quarter shared project of 4 office building to enter town 2008, those who brought 434900 square metre is new add supply.

Beautiful jade of old man of president of Hua Dong division expresses high power international, global banking crisis counts Ji Zhonghui to strike office building requirement further in future.
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