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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch once had orgnaization of how many finance yearning can become Lei Man to have long history in that way cast row, and the great majority Dou Zaiqing among them Is hope to did not become Lei Man today.

The wall street that has 85 years of histories the 5th cast a Beiersideng greatly (Bear Stearns Cos) base price sells Magendatong (JP Morgan Chase&Co) ; The beauty that has 94 years of histories forest (Merrill Lynch) by bank of integrated bank United States (Bank Of America) buy; The history is the longest cast a ——158 the Lei Man of single-page calendar history (Lehman Brothers) announce to go bankrupt; Gao Cheng of 139 years (Goldman Sachs) the Magenshidanli with 73 years (Morgan Stanley) change banner Yi Zhi to turn at the same time for bank holding company. The wall street that has long history 5 cast greatly topple with a loud crash so all right, became the history from now on. Wall street is abused to what finance derives a product even if bring about this “ the culprit with the hundred years catastrophic finance that receives ” .


August 2007, beiersideng's in-house two try to let go in sub mortgage market to pouring fund one wrestle, but principal is not had return, cause presiding apparitor James of Beiersideng. Kane (James Cayne) must approve offer 3.2 billion dollar in order to save these two fund. As related to guaranty the ceaseless aggravation of asset value, next the most astringent season that Qiu Dongcheng has experienced for Beiersideng. Autumn and hiemal last severe loss, cause was willing to provide any new fund to its without orgnaizations of any a finance in March 2008. The whole world before Magendatong casts a ministry and Clay of chief of global asset department to pause. Ross (Clayton Rose) point out short-term financing cannot because,be successful appears second borrow the crisis to had become send irremediable, the challenge that accordingly Beiersideng faces is not the investment that lacks capital, lack the effective liquidity that answers daily flow demand however.

Severe capital shortage makes Beiersideng must lay in committee to American federal (Federal Reserve, the following abbreviation is beautiful couplet store) beg capital urgently to help with Magendatong. Ever ascended in the Bei Ersi that share price was as high as 170 dollars in January 2007 must the base price sell one's own things with every 2 dollars. On March 16, 2008, magendatong announces to will buy Beiersideng with 237.2 million dollar, meanwhile, beautiful couplet store also be willing to offer 30 billion dollar, buy in order to support what Magendatong ascends to Bei Ersi, this trading means that finish will depend on the risk dimensions that Magendatong assumes. Buy a company that has total assets of 39.5 billion dollar, magendatong is facing a situation that is full of danger of potential redound zephyr. Whether is the appraise value of asset how many does a proper level, capital loss before have after all, it is the biggest problem that at present Magendatong faces.
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