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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch need not waste taxi money to drive begin time, need not abide by the “ in the cinema not to smoke please ” , “ does not make a racket please the regulation of the conventions such as ” , you can take pet to enter inside, can several people buy a piece of ticket, retreat ”…… speed of “ of OK and optional ground, quickly to be in happy in the video that inspects a website to offer, you eventually can as the development of film clue aleatoric express oestrus felt.

From at the beginning of be born, video website resembles the butterfly of a beautiful enchanting, attracted the participation of a large number of netizens, and countless venture capital investment, also ground of be most willing to will be big capital precipitates hereat. Use up when buckish fade, we discover not hard however, these websites as if is place oneself only the butterfly in bottle, although can look so that see light, and the outlet is unsharpness.

Happy inspect Liu Hong of new medium vice-president to introduce: At present Internet video domain basically has “ 3 kinds of mode, the first kind is the mode of video order programme of VOD; The 2nd kind is video shares mode; The 3rd kind is the network TV that is core with P2P technology. Unlike above these 3 kinds of mode, of the happy original creation that inspect a net is ‘ ’ of the 4th kind of mode, collect fees namely free commercial pattern. On one hand, the website undertakes Internet go up to buying the content of copyright collect fees issue; On the other hand, the website rolls out free client end, user freedom uploads video of all sorts of movie and TV, undertake video is shared. ”

Current, happy the battalion that inspects a net closes come from the figure that supports for the technology with P2P to issue with advertisement income two chunk. Among them digital TV business, it is to show the client pays cost hind, online order programme and view theatrical work of popular movie and TV, at present this company client of every months paying fee is close already 100 thousand. In addition, happy inspect a net special open up company TV station and stationmaster TV station, the enterprise is mixed in pay membership fee year of cost hind, but have the aid of is happy the platform that inspects a net broadcasts the video related to this enterprise.

The fact proves, this kind of new trade pattern has market perspective more. Happy the gain dimensions with inspect a net to already was achieved last year certain. This year, happy inspect a net to obtain De Qinhua accordingly always accountant office limited company high-tech is tall 2008 grow 50 strong honor. And all the time hasten benefit and the illicit collect equity that use invests an orgnaization, also nose profitable flavour. This year August, beijing is happy inspect a net to announce formally external, obtain Beijing successfully already to collect Nanhai of investment of innovation of golden cubic metre, Shenzhen, Shenzhen to grow 3 amount are handpick fund 52 million yuan investment.
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