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China invests a net (industry of medicine of CHNVC.COM) dispatch “ will become the investment heat ” with prospective new market to be in the China of “ milepost '08 that office of You Anyong accountant held a few days ago on ” of forum of CEO of high growing company, partial international casts a personage to think consistently. Meanwhile, investigation report of An Yong also points out, the amplification that plans as a result of Chinese Medical Protection and population are rich the growth of degree, increase ceaselessly to the demand of medicines and chemical reagents, in the near future, china will become the most important grow model the market.

As we have learned, a lot of international cross a state pharmacy company had accelerated pair of China markets permeate, the commercial pattern that they take basically has 3 kinds: It is to increase the investment of research and development that is in China; 2 it is outspread in Chinese sale and market operation; 3 be sell a product through building companionate relation to be in China with indigenous industry. “ crosses a state as international the acceleration that pharmacy company is in China is outspread, the competition of domestic medicine industry also increasingly will intense. Industry of medicine of ” An Yongquan ball is in charge of copartner Carolyn Buck-Luce to express to the reporter, below such market situation, domestic medicine industry should consider what how undertake oneself to change.

And Glen Giovannetti of partner of officer of industry of science and technology of biology of An Yongquan ball thinks Chinese medicine look forward to can consider “ to walk along ” . He thinks, at present value of company of biology science and technology considerably shrink, this also is Chinese medicine look forward to goes abroad an opportunity that buys. But he also points out at the same time, before “ of domestic medicine look forward to walks along ” , must have drilled first ” of oneself “ exercise to benefit the internal organs.

In fact, medical company of China has gone door going abroad in the attempt, to abroad go and buy, obtained delectable result.

This year on January 31, the industry includes outside Chinese medicine research and development get army company drug Ming Kangde, the bag outside completing pair of American biology pharmacy and research and development of medical apparatus and instruments in order to restrain 163 million dollar serves what lab of supplier App Tec serves a company to buy; On March 12, shenzhen of China's biggest tutelar instrument manufacturer strode luck to announce its abroad the first after appearing on the market life information that buys resolution —— to buy American Datascope company with 202 million dollar guards business, buy after finishing, stride luck to will become the whole world to guard bearing industry the 3rd big firm.

On April 9, the industry of drug of perfect science and technology that appears on the market in Hong Kong releases announcement formally to say, with cash three million one hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred dollar (about twenty-four million three hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred HK dollar) buy American accept Si Dake to appear on the market company Commonwealth Biotechnologies Inc. (CBI) 39% what already issued capital stock, make this group the biggest partner.
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