Analytic education industry is the most large-scale leading role of illicit coll
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch 103 million dollar. This is the specified number of illicit collect financing with educational the at present largest trade.

“ we the city of this round of financing is filled with rate, want tall ” than going up one round, on October 20, an Bo teachs group author to hold the suggestion when president Huang Jin accepts our newspaper special report concurrently.

October 2007, it is almost in same time, an Bo teachs the illicit raise that wins 54 million dollar to invest, this amount is at that time the biggest illicit collect financing inside the industry.

in those day, the education that bring gain ever expressed to the outside, this financing is last rounds of financing before appearing on the market. But after a year, chose to continue however and rather than of illicit collect financing appears on the market publicly. To this, huang Jin's view is: Right with one has realized the company that appear on the market at any time for, the adjustment of economic cycle, clutch however instead the main chance of firm of leader of make it industry. “ and, under photograph comparing, privately owned company is more decision-making than publishing the company that appear on the market want fast, want agile, efficiency also is met taller ” , huang Jin expresses.

In fact, this financing amount is teaching an industry to make public the 113 million dollar of the collect when appearing on the market in the United States under new east merely, collect gets the IPO of educational estate company that appears on the market in Nasidake than before a few that day capital specified number wants big.

Of more fetching attention, still not be this second financing amount is big, be in however at that time instantly, place of crisis of wall street banking causes global economy to adjust in, PE (fund of illicit collect equity) , VC (venture capital investment) investment rate and rhythm are in very conservative condition, the financing of so large amount, and higher appraise cost, solid belong to infrequent.

“ looks in us, an Bo is ‘the Education Company’” , an investor of the education that bring gain so evaluation. Look in these investor, opportunity of educational estate market is tremendous, future can give the person that show industry conformity necessarily, and An Bo, it is probably most one of companies that have this kind of integrated power.

Why be An Bo?

Industry conformity is the dream of a lot of companies. China of firm to developing ability inchoate teachs line of business, have a lot of company hold office at court more this dream struggles. Do Na Anbo opportunity and advantage where?

When finishing financing in October 2007, when Huang Jin is accepting our newspaper to interview, unscrambling to what “ installs rich mode ” is: Shed engine in order to bring the study of rich research and development to be main tool, build a basis to evaluation is tracked and remember simulative individuation to study an environment to learner, complementary issue educational module with a variety of lines, become integrated education to serve a company.
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