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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch is general and electric (GE) the company announces yesterday, although economy of body part whole world is turbulent, GE comes from “ green to achieve think ” (include product of energy-saving, environmental protection and service) income will still come true 2008 of 21% grow considerably, reach 17 billion dollar. In the meantime, GE this year also will exceed 1.4 billion dollar in the investment of research and development of clean technology.

GE president holds presiding apparitor Jeff concurrently - Yimeierte expresses: The innovation with at present cleaner GE and technology are in “ market advance side by side- do two or more things at once. GE still will be dedicated to building network of intelligent the sources of energy; Let electric car sail from the lab the road to real world; Large-scale, advanced clean the sources of energy is built to produce base in the United States, India, China and middle east. ”

GE expresses, investment 1.4 billion dollar is used at clean technology research and development this year, be close to green of “ of the implementation before 2010 to achieve the goal that thinks ” research and development invests 1.5 billion dollar more. Increasing “ green to achieve consider aspect of ” product income, GE comes from “ green to achieve the income that considers ” product and service to will be added this year to 17 billion dollar. 2007, GE achieves the “ green 2010 those who think ” the 20 billion dollar from before rises year of income target to 25 billion dollar.

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