Twelve Five China Investment strict management and encourage spending money
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The latest released of the "National Economy and Social Development of the proposed Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and strive to break the "expand domestic demand" issues. Round of the accumulation of sufficient economic growth cycle of wealth, four trillion investment Generous funding to help support domestic demand in China, to withstand the global financial crisis, but this model has now tired, the day the amount of credit and investment behind the excess capacity, consumption is not busy, the local government financing platform for risk and so on, more future How to manage the five-year "capital account" to leave after the title. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China will be how to organize government and private wealth? Lu political commissar, chief economist at Industrial Bank today to accept China news agency reporters Zhuan Fang and Shi Zhichu, "recommended" continued investment "has to maintain control" of thought. On the one hand, strict management investment. "Recommended" requirements adjust and optimize the investment structure and strict implementation of investment projects in land use, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, access standards, curb the blind expansion and redundant construction. 25 this month, Premier Wen Jiabao State Council executive meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, we can see the pipes good "capital account" of intent. Economic work conference when the deployment requirements of the fourth quarter: "to prevent surprise at the end of money." Strengthening financial regulation and guide financial institutions to optimize the information Credit structure and improve the sustainability of financial support for economic growth. On the other hand, encouraged "to spend money." "Suggestions" that "five-second" period, China will lead to livelihood resources, rural areas, technological innovation, resource conservation, the central and western regions. Encourage and expand private investment, put Wide market access, support of private capital into the basic industries, infrastructure, financial services and other fields, the investment and employment, combined with people's livelihood, to "create the final demand." China's "Eleventh Five-Year", a three-year test of the global financial crisis hit. Next five years, how to advance the financial system and guard against financial risks and maintain the "pockets" stable enough, there are a lot of warning. "Recommendations" In discussing the deepening financial reform, pointed out that to build counter-cyclical macro-prudential financial management system framework to enhance coordination of financial regulation, establish a sound early warning system for systemic financial risk prevention and disposal Mechanism. Participate in new round of amendments to the international financial standards, improve China's financial sector soundness standards. This is the financial crisis, warning that the global financial industry, but also the prevention of financial risks in China's "homework ahead of time." In fact, since the beginning of 2009, China's financial authorities have raised the bank's capital adequacy ratio of intensive and other regulatory requirements, political commissar, said Lu, the next five years, this trend will continue. One of the world system of financial stability and fulfill Barcelona Commission new regulatory capital Seoul agreement, China's banking sector still has a long way to go. It is noteworthy that the "Proposal" first time "to establish a deposit insurance system," "improving local government financial management system." Care may be read from the recent changes in official pronouncements. CBRC Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing, said publicly this month: the future of small banks can not go bust, large financial institutions, the importance of financial institutions who operates the system The same may be out of the market failure, bank shareholders will bear all the losses. Lu political commissar said, "deposit insurance system" is designed to insured depository financial institutions, shareholders and depositors to share the financial institution following the closure of Loss, maintaining public confidence in the financial industry is essential. "Improve local government financial management system," Aftermath 剑指 local financing platform. 25th executive meeting of the State Council reaffirmed "the strengthening of local government financing platform for corporate governance, fiscal and financial risk prevention," said Lu political commissar And establishing the "right to match the responsibility," the revenue and expenditure system, and guide the government to adapt to "how much money to do many things," the rule is to prevent confusion in local government finance accounts of the fundamental strategy.