Fruitful collaboration with Aboriginal Fuzhou Ningde 50 billion new investment
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Since the beginning of this year Ningde cities of Fuzhou adhere to the "deepening the joint, more concrete things, mutual benefit, common development", talks by senior leadership, helping the county counterparts, docking and other business projects, meaning continued to deepen cooperation and improve coordination level. According to incomplete statistics, the two cities this year, 25 new collaborative projects, with a total investment of 5.385 billion yuan. Since the beginning of this year, the two cities to build the infrastructure, industrial projects docking, scientific and educational personnel helping, eco-environmental protection continue to expand and deepen the collaboration space, mountain and ocean collaboration bear fruitful results. 25 new cities this year, collaborative projects, covering logistics, power, mining, real estate, shipbuilding and other fields. Such as: the cauda equina entrepreneurs to create Wei Wang Pingnan Enterprise Technology Development Co., Ltd., has developed into Pingnan county agricultural industrialization leading enterprises; Fuzhou arrangements for 150,000 yuan TDC funds for support Jiaocheng Tiger Bay Construction of the new Pavilion Area Heung Ko-season vegetable base, not only promote the local economic development and stable supply of vegetables in Fuzhou, a win-win goal. Greater efforts to build transportation infrastructure, inter-city transport infrastructure between the continuous improvement of regional economic integration accelerated. Wenzhou-Fuzhou Railway opened to traffic, co-Fuzhou Railway Fujian section of Beijing-Taipei expressway projects Ningde section, or has commenced, or in advancing. Convenient transportation for both parties to travel, and cultural exchanges and cooperation in providing good conditions. Since the beginning of this year, greater interaction between the tourism industry, holding themed events, fine lines deepen and enrich the connotation of the brand. Educational services to enhance communication docking. One school to the Institute of Fuzhou Jinshan teachers to their counterparts in primary schools selected to carry out more than "free education" activities, and with Fu, Shouning other places more than 400 teachers in the exchange of experience. The school also collaboration with the counterparts of modern information technology networks, actively carry out exchange activities such as inter-school teaching demonstration, sharing of resources. At the same time, actively guide Ningde, Fuzhou, surplus rural labor to the workplace, arrangements for the 2000 annual membership Ming Ningde Employment. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, only the cauda equina, pays a membership of more than 2,000 workers have employment. Meanwhile, the two cities join hands to promote the Min River, Aojiang River remediation, explore the establishment of ecological compensation mechanism. Fuzhou City, the financial arrangements for this year, 30 million yuan in special funds to support the Min River, upstream of the Ningde City Aojiang pollution control and ecological protection. Ningde invested 180 million yuan into the sewage collection tanks, sedimentation tanks, and other supporting reactor residue field centralized treatment facilities, centralized control of pollutants, centralized management, sewage discharge standards, the first 10 months, Aojiang River (Gutian section) water feature standard rate of 100%, the full realization of the provincial government to determine the remediation goals. 13, the Provincial Committee and Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yuan Rongxiang, deputy governor, adding rate of Fuzhou Fuzhou, the Soviet Union long collaboration with a delegation of mountain and sea, along the newly opened city highway out of town, went straight to the Ningde, and then if collaboration. Held the same day forum on cooperation between the two cities Shanhai, Fuzhou Youxiang Aboriginal collaboration Ningde funds donated 150 million, entered into an off-season vegetable base, labor, tourism, education and other aspects of cooperation agreements.