Energy-saving environmental protection enterprise will obtain policy of taxation
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch on September 10, by a definite date conference ” was in forum of society of “ China economy 2008 Guangdong Zhongshan city concludes. Labour joins lab of the State Council Tang Yuan of trade department director discloses on forum, ” strategy develops executive “ green next in the center of, right energy-saving the favourable policy that the environmental protection that reduces a platoon enterprise offers taxation and financial side, also will encourage a dweller to buy product of “ green ” .

Tang Yuan expresses, today bright two years economic progress speed will put delay somewhat, but also did not drop into cereal bottom ” as to “ , answer face of current tired impasse, what medium and small businesses should do most is to enhance core competition ability, the brand that be like a tree, catch source of innovation, heavy division to wait.

To this, group of the enterprise delegate that attend the meeting, TCL carries out trustee Han Fang Ming to express: Enterprise of “ civilian battalion is not very fast however to the devoted growth of innovation, it is the scot pressure lay particular stress on of enterprise of partial civilian battalion so formerly among them, enterprise innovation ability is limited. ”

Current, medium and small businesses takes the in part of gross of our country whole economy about, occupy the 85 % that increase obtain employment newly every year and the 75 % of the obtain employment that put an amount. Many experts attending the meeting and medium and small businesses express, cost is climbed litre, the RMB appreciates, it is difficult that global economy puts delay to add financing, a lot of medium and small businesses export a company especially at present be in a devil of hole, be in with various government in the center of the hope respect of wealth tax, financing undertakes giving aid to, expand be not domain of communal economy admittance, for medium and small businesses development creates fair environment.

Qian Ping of president of branch of Zhongshan of Guangdong development bank suggests on forum, the government can publish the taxation privilege to medium and small businesses, lower the business tax rate of medium and small businesses on one hand, put to medium and small businesses to the bank on the other hand those who borrow receive interest section to undertake reducing tax, encourage a bank to be put to medium and small businesses directly borrow; Next, local government can try those who establish governmental intermediary formula to assure orgnaization, take the lead by local government establish assure company, better for credit medium and small businesses offers financing to assure.

To this, fencing key link of secretary-general of foundation of research of innovation of Chinese economic system, economist expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, financing of medium and small businesses has its specialty hard. On one hand, china values development big bank quite, negligence develops orgnaization of civilian battalion finance, the financing of civilian initiative generation is regarded as to be subterranean illegal financing; On the other hand, capital market development of China is not perfect. A lot of enterprises compare a care to appear on the market, but appear on the market the final shape that financing is direct financing, there still are all sorts of financing forms to be able to support business development in front of its, wait like property right investment, venture capital investment. These ability are the main form that is bankroll of medium and small businesses, and these financing forms did not develop energetically.
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