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China invests a net (the Shanghai deep stock exchange that CHNVC.COM) dispatch releases last week appears on the market regulation invests to do poineering work (VC) invest with private equity (PE) offerred more convenient exit channel. Because new regulation will appear on the market before one year,the equity inside invests a lock to shorten from 3 years regularly, the personage inside course of study weighs VC, PE exit a mechanism more will agile.

“ is a good news of course, also be actually do poineering work board VC investment shortened exit a lock fixed, go up in project investment flexibility is taller. Investment of rich sea of east of president of group of investment of innovation of ” former Shenzhen, Shenzhen manages Chen Wei of limited company president to say.

Appear on the market newly the 5th chapter in regulation the first " the share that issues publicly first appears on the market " regulation, publisher issues the share that already issued before the stock publicly, since the day that appears on the market from publisher stock must not make over inside a year.

Chen Wei expresses, new " company method " and " negotiable securities law " before appearing on the market to making public already the circumstance of 12 months above made hold company equity set, appear on the market after 12 months since the day from investment, the lock is 12 months regularly.

In handing in those who be in pair of new regulation greatly to unscramble, say, to get used to the need that entire circulation market admits, inside before issueing manual of stock raise capital by floating shares publicly first to be being published in publisher 12 months in order to increase endowment spread the holder of means subscribe share, the deadline that asks its acceptance does not grant to make over is shortened by 36 months to 12 months.

A foreign capital of Shanghai achieves the investment manager of congenial compose to express to the reporter, before new regulation, orgnaization of a lot of investment is after investing one year ability reports material, because this avoided the span when investment,appear on the market time is too short and the situation that needs a lock to decide 3 years. The regulation with new “ is to make VC and PE OK when more agile ground handles investment, be nodded and report the time of material actually, can report material a bit earlier for instance, strive for walk along program of examine and verify to implementation appears on the market and be exited as early as possible. This personage says ” .

Wang Shouren of secretary-general of consortium of a person of same business of Shenzhen poineering investment expresses to the reporter, new castigatory appears on the market the investment enthusiasm that regulation can increase orgnaization of VC, PE, also reflected administrative layer more to realise orgnaization investor plans to appear on the market to promotion company financial ability and the function that govern a level.
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