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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch lasts besides the market low confuse this one reason, environmental protection problem has been become appear on the market company again the another big main factor of ” of financing “ get stuck. There already was exposure of much home company since September only, because problem of interrogate of environmental protection nucleus is brought about,be not increase be no longer in force of hair program exceed the time limit publicly. Apparent, environmental protection is right appear on the market company again financing affects peep.

By this year Feburary, environmental protection total bureau was released " appear on the market about strengthening the directive opinion that company environmental protection supervises management to work " , requirement report, steely to be engaged in fire, cement, electroanalysis the company of industry of double tall ” applies for aluminous industry and the “ that cross a province to manage a hair appear on the market or again of financing, must undertake according to the regulation of environmental protection total bureau environmental protection is checked. Meanwhile, chinese card inspect will be right appear on the market company again financing undertakes approve, also included segment of environmental protection examine and verify.

From the point of current condition, as a result of much ” of a “ the Incantation of the Golden hoop, already the part appears on the market the company shuts because of crossing environmental protection to check bring about add hair is hard and fast. Yesterday, *ST Baoshuo announces, start from the company directional add hair item to begin, the company deals with relevant environmental protection to check the work in application all the time, but up to now, the company has not obtained environmental protection to be in charge of the sectional checkup to the company opinion, cost of this item compose second the materiality obstacle that issues share to buy property. In view of this one reason, add a company to be being met by Chinese card inspect investigation of put on record, *ST Bao Shuo decides to abandon carrying out this second issue what share buys property to trade to specific target.

Before this, real medicine will release announcement to say on September 9 on, the company already checked new requirement and order according to environmental protection, the has first class aptitude tripartite link that retains bureau of national environmental protection to maintain judges an orgnaization to be begun to the company check, environmental protection checks the 7 provinces city that at present this second blame issues stock place publicly to involve to already finished 6 provinces city. But because be in emission period of efficacy inside, what still fail to finish relevant ministries and commissions is all and legal examine and approve a program, because of this company this second directional add hair is second reading stopped automatically on September 6, 2008.
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