500 million yuan of special fund of Nanjing give aid to enterprise innovation se
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China invests a net (when CHNVC.COM) dispatch is washed out stage by stage in traditional low cost manufacturing industry, how should the enterprise of the our city promote competition ability, how realize an industry upgrade transition? Held yesterday " innovation of Nanjing city industry accelerates mass rally " on, " a certain number of opinions that municipal government innovates about promoting a business energetically " come on stage, municipal government raises money 500 million yuan of special fund, use technically at supporting an enterprise to develop series innovation activity.

Special fund basically is used at giving aid to industry and capital confluence accelerate the platform construction such as service center of innovation of center, enterprise, help cautious up to nod industrialization of great and industrial catenary, patent new product to wait. This is the our city gives aid to strength is the greatest to enterprise innovation, put forward many revolutionary train of thought.

Breakthrough one: Production value of property of new and high technology should take the in part of total production value

Among a certain number of opinions that issue this, made clear the main goal that a series of enterprises innovate:

The proportion that investment of funds of business research and development takes industrial sales revenue 2010 not under 2% , achieved 2012 2.5% . Industry technology center achieved 120 2010, achieved 140 2012; Project technology research center achieved 100 2010, achieved 120 2012.

Build these technical platform to urge a company, our city decision, right new acquire center of research center of technology of center of technology of national level business, project, engineering, accessorial 1 million yuan; New obtain provincial, accessorial 500 thousand yuan.

On these platform, the our city gives aid to 10 are controlled every year mainly tackle key problem development project, every project gives 50—100 support of 10 thousand yuan of capital. Give aid to every year 20—30 project of industrialization of great and patent new product, every one-time aid financially 30—50 10 thousand yuan.

The achievement that the enterprise innovates is reflected go up in production value, the proportion that production value of property of new and high technology holds dimensions above gross value of industrial output was achieved 2010 45% , achieved 2012 50% . In the meantime, the contributive rate that progress of science and technology increases to economy was achieved 2010 50% , achieved 2012 55% .

Breakthrough 2: The Information Industry will become an our city industry of the first pillar

Accelerating development convention industry while, the our city seeks brand-new economic point of growth, the hi-tech such as medicine of electronic information, biology, new material, new energy resources and burgeoning industry, it is the main force of innovation undoubtedly.
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