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China invests a net (exposition of medium and small businesses of the 5th China International and exposition of Sino-South Korean medium and small businesses are about to be in CHNVC.COM) dispatch 22 days Guangzhou kicks off. The 5th in vice director of conference organizing committee, industry and Ou Xinqian of informatization ministry undersecretary are in rich 21 days when accepting a reporter to interview, express, the difficulty that in be being managed at present in the light of medium and small businesses, appears and problem, the government sector will take 6 big step, do one's best discharges care to solve difficult ” for “ of medium and small businesses.

Ou Xinqian says, regard the economy of the richest vigor as the group, medium and small businesses is spread all over one, 2, 3 industries, already became the main force that promotes economy of our country countryman and social development.

According to statistic, medium and small businesses occupies the 99.8 % of countrywide company number, the end item that medium and small businesses creates and service value are equivalent to the 60 % of gross domestic product controlling, taxation of turn over to the higher authorities is the 50 % of national revenue total about, offerred the post of town obtain employment of 75 % above.

But since this year, suffer international economy to grow hasten delay, RMB to appreciate, cost of factor of production rises wait for the influence such as extensive of macroscopical element and means of development of oneself of medium and small businesses, hair of medium and small businesses shows a few new change and issue showpiece, basically be benefit of a few enterprises glide, deficit increases, exit increases fast fall after a rise apparent, especially difficulty of exit of foreland of the eastpart part medium and small businesses is more outstanding, partial industry and industry appeared reduction of output, stop production or close down phenomenon.

Be aimed at the difficulty that medium and small businesses faces and challenge, ou Xinqian expresses, our country government will take 6 big step, the abidance of stimulative medium and small businesses is healthy develop.

—— perfects policy code system, build the favorable environment that medium and small businesses develops. Fulfil further " medium and small businesses of People's Republic of China promotes a doctrine " and " a certain number of opinions that the State Council supports about encouraging and guide the economy of blame state ownership such as individual privately owned to develop " . Current, the country had adjusted a part labor is concentrated model industrial exit withdraws tax rate, the loan dimensions that still expands further research pair of medium and small businesses and " labor contract law " carry out, ease the respect policy such as company load.

—— builds public service platform, drive socialization of medium and small businesses to serve systematic construction. Guide and support of all kinds financing to assure, management seeks advice, news service, market is developed, do poineering work coach, the talent grooms wait for idea of service orgnaization change, strengthen service ability construction, improve service quality. Drive medium and small businesses to the website is built and increase financing further credit, poineering base, common technology, groom wait for public service platform to build.
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