Hair change appoint Wen Lian of vice director Cao: Fund of illicit collect equit
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China invests a net (hair of CHNVC.COM) dispatch country changes appoint height of fund of illicit collect equity can express the “2008 RMB that finance finance manages Wen Lian of vice director Cao is held in Xiamen yesterday on ” , development of fund of illicit collect equity needs the regulation that formulate consolidates to today, this necessity and pressing sex are more and more outstanding.

He thinks, formulate unites regular ability to drive fund of illicit collect equity to move toward a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Above all, industry of fund of illicit collect equity wants development to expand, be about to attract mainstream orgnaization, the orgnaization of the mainstream has not invested fund of equity of RMB illicit collect now, want further progress to also need those who manage method and corresponding code to come on stage so; The 2nd, what invest fund from the industry is pilot in light of, of fund of estate of the first Bohai Sea establish, the mark is worn in home fund of large RMB equity investment starts formally. After this, industrial fund also becomes an upsurge, from industrial fund pilot will look to also need to clutch with promotion the job of this respect; The 3rd, this is need of protective investor interest. Market of current illicit collect equity is civilian capital mostly, it is illicit collect not be fair collect, so need standard is run, civilian market is initiative at the same time the fund of illicit collect equity that establish also needs superstratum second, attract investor through ability of the class on the standard. The 4th, superintend effectively from the industry will tell, also need formulate to unite a standard. Well-regulated ability makes clear superintended responsibility and superintended concept quite, cannot let this industry let things drift, superintend at will; Finally, formulate unites regulation to be helpful for promotion using foreign capital quality. Capital of many now international hopes to enter the market, manage fund of equity of RMB illicit collect, this actual demand makes us need as soon as possible normative RMB industry of fund of illicit collect equity.

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