Limited partnership makes suffocate suffocate of examine and verify achieve cast
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China invests a net (CHNVC.COM) dispatch sends careful appoint the company that involves limited partner to partner suspends examine and verify, caused home to achieve the high attention that joins line of business. IPO all along is the main channel that home achieves congenial compose to exit, and as just of arisen limited partnership business achieve congenial compose, the project that invests at present also is more developing IPO and go. " partnership law of enterprises " carry out a year many formally, these are made with partnership hold water achieve congenial compose to call a government to publish measure of relevant form a complete set again, solve the problem that faces at present in order to help them.

Policy of form a complete set comes on stage urgently

“ just is the project of partnership business to pause to partner, short-term to achieving spec compose effect won't be very big, but will for a long time look, the influence is tremendous. Chief partner Xu Yonggong represents capital of innovation of ” sea peaceful. Xu Yonggong introduces, after revising " partnership law of enterprises " just passed in August 2006, although expand two this years ceaselessly,achieve congenial compose by what this holds water, but invests project has not arrive more very much hair careful appoint the level.

Shanghai couplet achieves copartner Zhou Yongkai to think, current and character, suspensive provision achieves congenial compose it doesn't matter to affect to home, because the project of a lot of investment still is in preparative phase. As to later, zhou Yongkai is certain, the country can publish relevant policy to straighten partnership to achieve congenial compose what encounter a problem at present. The country promotes business of “ limited partnership energetically, about the branch affirmative meeting publishs relevant statement to solve the problem that exists at present. ”

“ pauses now, affirmative meeting finds the way that solves a problem after, just will achieve the generation that join line of business arisenly to folk otherwise tremendous influence. ” Nanhai grows Zheng Weihe discloses executive copartner, they had carried concerned channel to card inspect the problem meeting and other department were reflected.

Xu Yonggong thinks, hair careful appoint the duty that suspends examine and verify is not met in card inspect, and the measure of form a complete set that depends on concerned ministries and commissions did not catch up with. Cause this kinds of enterprise to be when examine and verify, hair careful appoint cannot can depend on. Among them, with duty Wu most remarkable.

Ecbolic partnership business heats up duty Wu privilege

Last year on June 1, new law begins to carry out, and other places of Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan established each district in succession first limited partnership is made achieve join a company, up to now year on June 1, fund of these enterprise first phase already invested end.
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