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China invests a net (hair of CHNVC.COM) dispatch country changes appoint the height of fund of equity of “ illicit collect that finance manages Wen Lian of vice director Cao is held in Tsinghua university yesterday can express on ” , hair change appoint establishing equity fund jointly jointly with relevant section relevant government measure, overall train of thought is encourage and give aid to the development of equity fund.

Below the setting of macroscopical adjusting control, the bank is short-term inside the possibility that shakes credit is dinky. This obtains the medium and small businesses that the bank borrows money hard to all along, it is one disaster after another more. And the information that Cao Wen Lian leaks, to the medium and small businesses of devoid capital, it is an interest good news undoubtedly.

Fund experience compares in: Person of investor, management distributes right

“ makes equity fund run way, not be to run this industry dead, basically is to encourage investment, protection its interest, make clear equity fund investor and supervisory right and obligation, drive industry self-discipline, and will provide relatively comfortable investment climate for investor. ” Cao Wen Lian says.

In fact, fund ” is compared early in the “ that established 2005 (China and government of Belgian two countries and business organization are noted jointly endowment the industry invests fund) , it is home commercializes operational industry the first times to invest fund. As a result of historical reason, its are fund of illicit collect equity without denominate at first, but property is identical.

Fund compares 3 years in “ run, in the development of fund of illicit collect equity the respect accumulated certain experience, among them the most important must invest the right between person of management of support of the people, obligation clearly namely. ” Cao Wen Lian says.

The Wen Lian that occupy Cao introduces, when be being established at first than fund in, be in between investor and administrative person after all by whose dominant the difference on the problem of this fund is very big, final authority comes to an agreement: 5 million yuan of the following investment by the management of fund the person is decision-making, the investment of 5 million yuan of above must discuss a decision jointly by investor.

Although be in 3 years in running, the hopeful of integral investment return rate that fund compares in exceeds 10 times, but up to now, neither one exceeds 5 million yuan project to classics investor discusses jointly and can be passed. Final, a few big projects that have investment latent capacity very much can “ abortion ” .

Go ahead of the rest of fund of countrywide social security is pilot

Tsinghua university continues to teach Qin Baobo of director of academic banking center to express on this conference, the investment climate to improve country further, widen industry financing channel, make equity fund photograph pass law as soon as possible, and more giving aid to offer policy in duty Wu respect imperative. Not only such, relax even the channel that equity fund obtains fund.
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