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China invests a net (gather of first small company of CHNVC.COM) dispatch whole nation is fiducial creditor's rights fund will be issued formally by Hangzhou bank at 12 days, head period dimensions 50 million yuan, debt period 2 years. The expert thinks, issue company debt to help small company overshoot through participating in capital difficulty, it is the government gives aid to a kind of innovation of capital capitalization.

Small company happy event obtains ” of “ timely rain

The Hangzhou Cheng that founded 2005 yuan chip technology limited company, already showed an extremely tall growing sex. After batch is produced, investment of a few when the near future rolls out new-style chip product that own own intellectual property are to let a company master speech to counterpoise in course of study of person of the same trade more. Dan Qiubai cloud introduces, because inchoate poineering enterprise does not have the pawn of full specified amount and credit record, obtain from the bank hard in long term loan.

Cheng yuan the developed impetus to also draw people of a lot of venture capital investment eyeball of chip. But venture capital investment is noted endowment precondition is equity of enterprise beard sell one's own things, and venture capital investment often is to rise cast a doorsill big, enterprise acquires amount of tall, investment capital is time-consuming long, the ” of “ close thirsty of unintelligible enterprise. And of gather company debt roll out, brought advantage for small company, its financing cost is low, assure the liquidity that the company basically also researchs small company.

Gather of “ small company is fiducial creditor's rights fund way of financing of this kind of creditor's rights is very quick, need not attenuant equity, the company is OK year of standard interest rate of 7.5% take loan. ” Qiu Baiyun says.

It is reported, assemble through small company the emission of fund of fiducial creditor's rights, hangzhou will have 20 small companies to borrow money with the bank standard interest rate is obtained go to 10 million yuan from 200 thousand yuan, average specified number spends two years for 2.5 million yuan period loan.

Hangzhou of transplanting of ” of mode of “ Silicon Valley

In July, small company gather is fiducial creditor's rights fund by Zhejiang provincial the biggest major assures new power closes in the company assure limited company and government of district of Hangzhou west lake are initiated jointly. Of this fund running mode basically is: Launch collect fund by trust company, 50 million yuan of when issue fiducial products are given aid to by finance of west lake area the collective subscribe such as capital subscribe and social capital; Fiducial fund will be cast to the high grade medium and small businesses that singles out in the sieve inside local government precinct.
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