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China invests a net (for the city commercial firm that CHNVC.COM) dispatch appears on the market to planning actively at present, its appear on the market enthusiasm should be affected possibly. Card inspect can send careful appoint had suspended a city a few days ago commercial firm and farming commercial firm appears on the market examine and verify. Still be had to accuse an influence of shareholder equity issue to accuse equity, partner to be two kinds of enterprises of limited partnership business by the enterprise of suspensive examine and verify together with city commercial firm.

Number of partner of city commercial firm will suffer be restricted

Hair careful appoint afore-mentioned decisions are the “2008 that in September the middle ten days of a month holds at Beijing year protect Jian to represent person follow-up to groom for the first time announce on ” . Hair careful appoint express, city commercial firm and farming because commercial firm involves partner number issue, at present the Ministry of finance is making relevant policy, suspend examine and verify so. This is will come out from last year after employee of interior of city commercial firm holds a scale to must not exceed 5% , appear on the market in city commercial firm on the problem another new restricted regulation.

It is reported, in this person of the delegate that protect Jian grooms on the conference, hair careful appoint besides issueing examine and verify to suspending city commercial firm because of partner number issue, still issued examine and verify to make specific provision on partner number to average company. Partner number surpasses the company of 200 people, also cannot approve appears on the market, right new 2006 " company method " before coming on stage, form also without exception not exceptional. Meanwhile, hair careful appoint also do not encourage a company to undertake clearing forcibly before appear on the market, because this action knows dispute of law of regular meeting generation and moral risk. It is reported, send careful at present appoint the policy that promoting phasing of relevant division system actively to answer, appear on the market in order to help this kinds of company normally.

Guo Tianyong of research center director represents industry of Bank of China of university of central finance and economics, city commercial firm and farming commercial firm is by credit the company changes to make and come, long-standing of problem of bequeath of in-house shareholder structure. Undertake this to partner number mandatory limitation, may be the consideration that stems from ” of pair of small blame of the “ after appearing on the market to pound the market on one hand, on the other hand the likelihood is right the bank undertakes finite monitoring. Guo Tianyong thinks, appear on the market in city commercial firm on the problem, a lot of hold a person to be not initiate the partner that hold water at the outset, however later period is entered, its are not to want to grow together with city commercial firm, it is to be being held in the arms more after appearing on the market, exit, in order to earn the profit of high specified number. This kind of behavior can cause “ not only social distributive is inequitable, still can bring about the right to search hire, cause corruption. ”
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