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China invests a net (inspect of CHNVC.COM) dispatch card can be controlled strictly new an emission evidence already more and more apparent. Since card inspect will send careful on September 16 this year appoint after holding meeting of the last examine and verify, open business without “ all the time up to now ” . And the reporter cast a personage to be in understanding to arrive from certificate business a few days ago, card inspect can send careful appoint had decided the IPO of 3 kinds of enterprises applies for suspensive examine and verify, among them the mainest control target is urban commercial bank.

Suspend be the first to be affected of commercial firm of city of IPO examine and verify

According to divulging, in when will hold this year in September person of the delegate that protect Jian grooms on the meeting, hair careful appoint express, had suspended a city commercial firm and farming commercial firm appears on the market examine and verify. Still be had to accuse an influence of shareholder equity issue to accuse equity, partner to be two kinds of enterprises of limited partnership business by the enterprise of suspensive examine and verify together with city commercial firm.

Hair careful appoint express, city commercial firm and farming because commercial firm involves partner number issue, at present the Ministry of finance is making relevant policy, suspend examine and verify so. This is will come out from last year after employee of interior of city commercial firm holds a scale to must not exceed 5% , appear on the market in city commercial firm on the problem another new restricted regulation.

Since last year, commercial firm of town of much home country is in A appear on the market, but a lot of problem subsequently and come. The partner of ” of numerous “ baby that after some bank appears on the market, is exposed to the sun to go out especially, and another bank is whole member cruel rich, these problems let a country begin to think to have effective standard from the system about the branch.

According to new 2006 castigatory " company method " , shareholder of the company before appearing on the market must not exceed 200 people, the enterprise that exceeds this number cannot approve appears on the market. But the characteristic as a result of urban commercial bank, from at present 3 city commercial firms that appear on the market look, number of the partner before issueing examine and verify all exceeded 200 people, this still does not include to be held secondhand through the orgnaization among them natural person. Apparent, if prospective city commercial firm appears on the market to act according to the rules strictly, will must reduce partner number, a lot of problems also will be faced among.

Besides city commercial firm, accuse a shareholder equity existence to freeze, impawn or accuse a partner to be in liquidation, involve major lawsuit, because afore-mentioned elements are right,influence company controls right, maintain issue a requirement to be not accorded with.
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